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Hello... I would like to ask a few questions about this game engine. I am attempting to find the right engine to help me create Machinima films. I am not interested or talented enough to create video games. i only wish to create 3d animation films. Can this engine help me do this?

I am looking for an engine to allow me to create terrains that include water...buildings... I want to also to be able to import 3 models into the engine. This would include models from zbrush...cinema4d or daz studio. Some will be static models... Some will be characters ready for animation. I would use a mixture of imported Motion capture files and lip sync. Does this engine offer any kind of lip sync?

I am curious to know if this engine offers any form of collison detection for characters. I am trying to avoid pass thru between 3d avatars.Furthermore can you tell me what kind of character controller do you have. Could i puppetry my character? Is there any form of lip sync or facial animation available.

I am a fairly newbie to the world of 3d animation. I hope to choose a game engine because it offers realtime animation as well as a means of virtual filmmaking. I'd also like to know if it would be possible to import my mocap files onto characters i bring into this engine.

I HAVE LOOKED INTO 3DS MAX AND MOTIONBUILDER. Huge learning curve just to get game level animation. Iclone and moviestorm doesn't offer character based physics. UDK AND CRYENGINE have amazing graphics-I have no idea how to make any of it work. My problem has been i need only a fraction of what animation or game engines offer. It is hard to ask how to do almost the very least with a game engine. I imagine i don't need to do any sourcing or coding. i just need a place to film. i hope my large list of questions can be answered. I THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

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Hi Hannibal, you might want to read through this post first: http://www.leadwerks...__fromsearch__1


With regard to lip sync I recently posted an example of this running in Leadwerks in my Neutrino Game Engine thread in the Showcase forum.


To do any of this without coding though is pretty much impossible imo.

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