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Post Process Ocean #2


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As I was bored last days i decided to work on my post process ocean again.

Problem was, that i couldn't find the code and materials anymore, so i started to build it up again from the beginning.


Now i got some decent results i want to share with you:


Thats my favorite screenshot. you can see caustics, specular, color fading as water gets deeper and reflection.



caustics again..



and one shot from far away.


This water is rendered without any geometry data (completele post process) after everything else got rendered.

For the waves i used a Heightmap which also stores the normals:



packed into one 1024x1024 RGBA8 texture.


For fine details i use a bumpmap at different scale and overlay it. (don't think a screenshot is needed here) currently just 256x256px, maybe i get better results with a bigger texture.


It still needs some tweaks, but i think its much better results then at my last try.


Whats missing:

-Foam: as soon as i find a good foam texture i will add foam at the shore and on the wave-peaks

-new Heightmap. The current heightmap got visible seams and is not very good as i just upsampled it in photoshop from 256px to 1024px

-new Bumpmap: i want to check if i get better results with a bumpmap with higher resolution (at least 512²px)

-some minor changes with the computation of the fresnel value and better transition from near water to far distance water.

-minor changes with the computation of the refraction/reflection uv-coordinates


It would be great if i could test the ocean in a more beatiful environment (a nice little island), but as i got no assets and i'm not very good at creating terrains i want to ask you, if maybe someone got a nice scene where i could test it on.

Furthermore, if someone got a good heightmap, bumpmap or texture for foam or any other ideas how i could improve it, i would be grateful.

also if someone got an idea how i could improve the generation of the waves, as at the moment the just move into one direction, what maybe looks ok at one side of an island, but when the waves travel orthagonal or away from the shore it looks pretty strange.

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That really looks very effective, shame it's static as it's always hard to get the real feel of the water without seeing it in motion. Looking forward to seeing more of this though!

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maybe a way to implement Tessendorf waves?...I suspect it's pretty fps-heavy, but as

I'm no programmer...maybe you could work wonders. wink.png


Here's a guy who implemented them in XSI (before it was Autodesk Softimage): http://www.amaanakram.com/?page_id=131



*edit* Oops...forgot to say, looking good, Gandi! :)

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Has anyone here tried implementing waves by applying a sine curve function (with some randomness & a few more complexities) to the heights of rows of vertices on a plane?


I'd imagine this would be a huge FPS hit but just wondering if anyone has tried it?


.. If not I might just give it a try for kicks. Though I doubt it would be very viable performance wise.

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@Ken: Yes, Red did a while ago when trying to reinstate an earlier version of Leadwerks water:






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