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Character polycount


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these are mine:

for a character its almost 4000-6000 depend on importance of your character.

normally 2-3 LODs for characters if you have enough time to make them. and for normal object LODs depends on quality of your model. you can not define a spesefic number, for one of your models you can create 4 or more LODs, and for another one you can't create even one LOD. because it will looks bad.

and about "how many on screen at once": I tried crysis and normally there is 500k-1.200k tris on screen with 30-90 fps on my PC.

Omid Saadat

OD Arts Blog


AMD Phenom II X4 940 - Geforce 8800GTS - 4GB RAM - XP x86

AMD 6000+ - Geforce 9800 GT - 2GB RAM - XP x86 (Home pc)

Intel Core i7 - Geforce 310M - 4GB Ram - Win7 x64 (Laptop)

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