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Simple camera look at point function


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Hi everyone,


I've been trying to get a simple camera look at point function working, but I ended up rewriting it 20 times or so. While it's a relatively easy-to-write function.


The problem is simple. I have my camera position, and a 3D point to look at. How do I calculate the rotation/angles for the camera? It would be awesome if someone could write an example function (in C++ or any other language), any help is welcome though.


Thanks in advance.


- Ywa

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The simplest way would be to create a pivot, move that to the x,y,z co-ordinate you want the camera to point at and then use PointEntity:


PointEntity(Camera, Pivot, 3, 1.0, 0.0)

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Edit: Solved. I was so stupid for not calling the SetLookAtPoint function. Thanks guys! :)


I must be doing something wrong. I have this code in my SetLookAtPoint function.


procedure CCamera.SetLookAtPoint( vecLookAtPos : TVec3D );
 vPivot : TPivot;
 //Hacky method (TODO: Make less hacky)
 vPivot := CreatePivot();

self.Entity is the camera entity


The camera doesn't seem to rotate.

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