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[Request] Fence model


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Hello : )

I was wondering if any 3D artist with spare time could make a simple old-style fence model for me, and a couple of variations if this artist has a lot of time :(


The style I'm looking is a little Fable-ish, or any medieval RPG style, shown a bit in this picture:




Of course variants are welcome.

I'm willing to pay a small amount of money for the fence if they match my requirements.

Credits will be given accordingly.


Thanks a lot in advance :D

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I mean c`mon, you get yourself a copy of wings3D, take the 20min it takes to learn the basics,

model/UV the models and burn your painted bumpmaps onto a plain localmap within ORB (openrenderbump). ^_^

AMD 64 X2 Dual 5k - 4GB - XFX GForce9800GT - nv196.21 - WinXP Sp3

zBrush4R2 - Silo2Pro - Unwrap3DPro - Gile - MaPZone2.5




Xxploration FPS in progress ...

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Heh, I like the part where you say I'm not artistic. I just don't want to invest time (which I don't have) in learning 3D modeling. I'm already doing the coding, directing, managing, web design and in-game design for my game, I just cannot model the 3D too.

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