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Are levels with transparent textures not supported?

Guest -MZ-

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Rather than try to explain what's going on, I'll just show you.


Here's what I get in 3DWS:problem1.jpg


And this is what I get when I use the same file (I have a plug-in which allows my program to use .3dw files) in Dark GDK:



The roof completely disappears! Is there a way to fix this, and on which end does the problem lie? Dark GDK or 3DWS?

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If you can reload the .3dw file into 3DWS and it displays correctly then it clearly isn't an issue with 3DWS. You could try exporting as a .dbo file and loading that into DarkGDK to see if that displays the texture ok. If so then the issue is probably with the plug-in. You might check that you have exported all the meshes and textures with the .3dw file too and that its not just the fact that DarkGDK can't find them.

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I downloaded DarkGDK but never used it, but I think what Pixel has outlined would be the best approach. I have been using 3DWS for a long time now but have never had that problem with any packages I have transfered assets from it to be used in.

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