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Alpha overlap issues...


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As you may have seen, I am working on a cloud system (theres a pic in gallery).


In the material file I have set blend=alpha and zsort=1, Im using only the mesh_diffuse shader for now. For testing purposes I have created a quad in code, applied the material and copied it many times. I have also made them always face the camera, which I will eventually make a shader for along with the colouring of each quad. The issue is when these quads overlap as they rotate to face the camera, it creates rectangular seams. Is there any way to reduce/solve this or am I stuck with it? I have done something similar in blitz3d many years ago and I didnt come across this problem so I'm hoping it can be solved.. does anyone have any clever ideas?


Here is a worse case scenario picture: http://i46.tinypic.com/1hxt20.png


Oh and the texture I'm using is the smoke.dds that is provided with the SDK.

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I've just noticed the texture doesn't have alpha to the edges so I sorted that, but it still hasnt resolved the problem with alpha overlap. I also noticed that there is a problem with the firepit in the editor, with the refractive particles there is also rectangluar overlapping seams... could this be a driver problem? I will try updating my drivers and see if this solves the problem.


Does anyone know the most recent stable driver for Nvidia?

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