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Debug Callstack/Trace/Globals Library


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File Name: Debug Callstack/Trace/Globals Library

File Submitter: TylerH

File Submitted: 09 Dec 2009

File Category: Lua Scripts


This is a simple add-on library I coded based on the Lua debug library and some example code in the Programming In Lua book.


It features:

  • Trace
  • Traceback
  • PrintGlobals
  • LogGlobals

Trace will run a trace from the point in code debug.Trace() is called up to the top of the stack. This is basically a call stack, and produces output like so:


1: Line 26	"Trace"	Scripts/debug.lua

2: Line 40	"GetImpactDecal"	scripts/classes/bullet.lua

3: Line 151	"UpdateBullets"	scripts/classes/bullet.lua

4: Line 388	"N/A"	[string "dofile("Scripts/constants/collision_const.l..."]


It will even trace into C functions, area of code with no function (i.e. the "N/A" you see), and through multiple files (compiled bytecode or normal).


Traceback is simply Lua's default implementation, except I print it out and log it in AppLog.


PrintGlobals will print the key names of everything in the _G table, this includes all of the entities, Leadwerks functions, things you don't know of, etc.


LogGlobals does the same as print globals, but prints to the AppLog and not the Console.



To use this simply call dofile("Scripts/debug.lua") in any of your Lua files (be it entity, game, etc.)


It is rather useful for tracing where errors occur more quickly than Lua error messages do.


Click here to download this file

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