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Joysitck / Pad or USB input?

Andy Gilbert

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Does LE support for any of these input devices? Or does it have to be done enitirely in the language your using?






I could be wrong, but as far as I know LE does not handle those input devices directly. You'll probably need to do that in the language you are using and/or with 3rd party libs.

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Hmm.. i think this is when i buy blitzmax as trying this in C++ with only limited knowledge of C++ will probably be difficult, ill google it and see how it looks.




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There are several libraries out there for the use of a connected controller.


We will be using one for the Xbox 360 controller for our game in development.


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This is something I've been having not much fun with.


As I'm using BlitzMax, the cross platform FreeJoy input module doesn't work too well with exotic input devices, like SDL, the joystick polling relies on Winmm calls which only supports a maximum of six axis. They don't support all the options you might get on fancy flight stick (e.g Saitek X52).


Also XInput only supports a subset of axis which again is no good if you're wanting to cover all bases (plus the source I was looking suggests it supports 4 input devices max?).


DirectInput seems to support everything including the exotic 3DConnection SpaceNagivator (which blew me away as normally it's a desk weight outside of Google Earth and Max2009). I'm just not having much fun transposing DirectInput C++ code into a manageable BlitzMax mod atm. Something is wrong with my pointer to DI interface or something. Maybe I'll start a thread in the BMax programming forum, maybe some of you geniuses can see a better way.

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