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Graphics() fct replacement


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Hi guys!


Any idea how to replace the lw's Graphics() fct? I can't make it work without it since I don't know how to set it up properly without it (bacbuffer, etc). If I remove the line, I can create meshes but nothing that relates to textures. If I do call LoadTexture for instance, I get a msgbox "OpenGL Error - GL_INVALID_VALUE". Also, the backbuffer's height and width are 0.


I'm using tao and vs2008 and a SimpleOpenglcontrol in my form.


This is my c# code:


m_iWidth = mgr.GetDataInt("OpengGLWindowWidth", DEFAULT_OGL_WIDTH);
m_iHeight = mgr.GetDataInt("OpengGLWindowHeight", DEFAULT_OGL_HEIGHT);
string strFakeAppTitle = mgr.GetDataString("FakeAppTitle", DEFAULT_FAKE_APP_TITLE);


// We're initializing the window just because I can't seem to init all needed stuff in 
// lw to make the textures and meshes work.
Leadwerks.Engine.Leadwerks.Graphics(m_iWidth, m_iHeight, 0, 0, Leadwerks.Engine.Leadwerks.GRAPHICS_BACKBUFFER|Leadwerks.Engine.Leadwerks.GRAPHICS_DEPTHBUFFER);

// hide the window right away -- HACK!!!
int hWnd;
Process[] processRunning = Process.GetProcesses();
foreach (Process pr in processRunning)
 if (pr.MainWindowTitle == strFakeAppTitle)
   hWnd = pr.MainWindowHandle.ToInt32();
   ShowWindow(hWnd, 0);

// setup leadwerks path
string strAbstractPath = mgr.GetDataString("AbstractPath", Application.StartupPath);

// Create our custom buffer
OpenGLControl.MakeCurrent(); // this has to be done before calling leadwerks stuff..            
m_World_fake = Leadwerks.Engine.Leadwerks.CreateWorld();  // Create world
m_buffer = Leadwerks.Engine.Leadwerks.CreateCustomBuffer(DGetSize, DMakeCurrent);

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Download the BMX demo and take a look at the source code to their OpenGL Module, it shows you the meat of the Graphics call, which has its root in C/C++ calls on the Windows API to create a window, setup a context, etc.


It basically does what any tutorial on OpenGL basics shows you how to do with regards to a window and context.

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