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I am writing an editor for a project I'm working on, I started and finished it today in VB 6.0 as I legally own it and have always intended to learn but have never got around to it. The editor allows me to create and edit conversational dialogue between NPC's and a player character quickly and easily. It all works rather well but I will need to improve its funcionality and visual design to allow for increased workflow when creating conversations. Each conversation node has an action script, set of conditions and condition scripts and the text for the dialog. A node also has other information relating to the way that it fires, and the camera and delay and a few other pieces of information. At the moment I have the dialog text in the tree view and then some input boxes and check boxes underneath that are used to display the other data once a node has been clicked from the tree. Obviously this isn't very good as you can only see one nodes script info at a time. I did think about creating multiple tree views side by side, mimicking the functionality across all of them but that would be such a horrible hack that I cant bring myself to do it. I also thought about displaying all of the important information in the tree view with tab spacings but this is also less than ideal.


What I would ideally like to know is.. does Visual C++ or C or C# have the capability to create a multi column tree view? How difficult is it for a begginer? More importantly are there any good tutorials on forms that I could follow? Oh I would also need a multi column list box for setting up visual multiple conditions for 'And', 'Or' and 'Not' to create more complex scenarios.


Below is a pic for anyone interested. Save, load and everything else all works... annoying that it lacks the multi column.



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Hi NoOdle,


looks good so far. The fastest and easiest way to create editors or small tools are when you use c#. There are plenty of tutorials out there. Search sites like http://www.codeguru.com/ where youll find much of what you need :) And btw. here are a lot of c sharp guys :D




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While C++ can, by nature, do everything under the sun, GUIs aren't the easiest things to code up from scratch. I'd strongly recommend one of the many free widget libraries for whatever programming language you choose. For example I've had great success with wxWidgets. Its very well documented so you should find out pretty quickly how to do what you want.

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