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Normal Avarage or Normal Theshhold? My template does not work!

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Hi everyone, I'm finding problems in my model "Crane", initially it was physical, now they are normal faces. I tried using the "Normal Average" setting and the model seems to be made of plush ... When I configure the template with "Normal Threshhold" my template is completely bugged, as the images follow. I refitted the model obeying all topology of polygons. Please if anyone can help me solve this problem thank you. Thank you!





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Will probably need to see the model (fbx) to be able to tell for sure. Just out of curiosity, what happens if you flip the normals on the model via the LE Model Editor? Do the missing wheels show and everything else look funky? Also, what is the current vertices and polygon count for this model? Never mind, I see from the third pic its 52,326 vertices and 74,338 polygons.

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I managed to solve, I removed some tires that were giving problem in the mesh every time I used "Normal Threshold" in the editor of the LE models, I refined the mesh a little more. I tried to leave the mesh tringular that did not solve, but it is work that follows. I would like to thank the "macklebee" who gave me a first-rate support.


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