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Does LE3 read second UV ?

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I tried to use second UV from imported FBX, but it does not work ?


Vertex code :


in vec2 vertex_texcoords0;
in vec2 vertex_texcoords1;

out vec4 ex_color;
out vec2 ex_texcoords0; 
out vec2 ex_texcoords1;

void main()

ex_texcoords0 = vertex_texcoords0;
ex_texcoords1 = vertex_texcoords1;




Fragment :



uniform sampler2D texture0;//diffuse map
uniform sampler2D texture1;//lightmap


in vec2 ex_texcoords0;
in vec2 ex_texcoords1;


//Modulate blend with diffuse map
outcolor *= texture(texture0,ex_texcoords0)  ;
outcolor *= texture(texture1,ex_texcoords1) *0.5 ;

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