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  1. It would be usefull if we could attach some variable names to the frames we want in the animation editor and have some callback function that would be called each time a variable is encountered. For example in the midle of some attack animation or when a big boss character hits the ground we could attach a variable to that frame named for example "Left Foot Step" or "attack touch" In the script this could be : function animationCallbacks() if animationCallback == "walk" and nameCallback == "left foot" then end if animationCallback == "walk" and nameCallb
  2. I always work on one game project at time trying to finish it. Perhaps i have two or three small other project games installed for coding reference and examples, but not more than that
  3. Zbrush Dynamesh fun New mob wip for Halloween game.
  4. Could we have some updated list of participants with their game title in top of this thread ?
  5. Thanks , i'll check on my side.
  6. This means i can have a main camera scene and a second camera displaying it's own scene ? I could use that for Skyrim like quick inventory or Cryris like weapons display never colliding with level scene.
  7. I tried to use second UV from imported FBX, but it does not work ? Vertex code : //Attributes ... in vec2 vertex_texcoords0; in vec2 vertex_texcoords1; ... //Outputs out vec4 ex_color; out vec2 ex_texcoords0; out vec2 ex_texcoords1; ... void main() ... ex_texcoords0 = vertex_texcoords0; ex_texcoords1 = vertex_texcoords1; Fragment : //Uniforms uniform sampler2D texture0;//diffuse map uniform sampler2D texture1;//lightmap ... //Inputs in vec2 ex_texcoords0; in vec2 ex_texcoords1; .... //Modulate blend with diffuse map outcolor *= texture(texture0,e
  8. It is possible to have a camera displaying the 3d scene and a second camera only displaying some new specific objects not present in the 3D scene ?
  9. Are you using that code in UpdatePhysics ? If you use SetPosition() in UpdateWorld it will be smooth. If it is too fast you can decrease your self.moveSpeed parameter.
  10. Just curious , do we have refraction effect in LE3 ?
  11. @Evayer It looks and move great. Some quick made additionnal monster
  12. Restarting the game creating a new project to get correct results. I will have less time for the game and so much ideas unfortunatelly, i'll have to only keep essential gameplay and ffects , than perhaps extend the game after the contest.
  13. The project get lot of meta files , it is possible to not have them or it is related to windows ?
  14. I just copied all files to another directory and created a new project, than copied the files and created a new map and it is ok without script errors. Until a new bug happens
  15. I am not using svn for a small game. I re installed LE3 , but that bug still appears.
  16. I suggest using some external editors like Sublime text or notepad ++ if you encounter such problems until it is fixed. But i encounter a worst bug : There is no scripts in the simple scene used by any model, running the game LE3 says some error about a script not used in the scene. And the script has no bug also
  17. This is some interesting point ot know. Anyway i can still make a new project and just copy/paste because i have my own project structure. There is no beta quick blog notes talking about new features or talking about problems they can make.
  18. New version uploaded to the workshop. It uses a material where you put textures on the slots, than the shader is attributed to the material on the script. So there is no more hard coded textures attribution.
  19. LE3 not taking script changes. EDIT : i was not aware of editor changes behind the scene, i thaught it was standard bugs happening.
  20. Actually it creates a material and assign textures by code, if you change some textures you must change the code. I'll upload a new version where you just drop textures on a material ready to use, something more workflow friendly.
  21. It blends diffuse/normal/spec/glow from one set of textures to another set of textures in real time. You can control the mix between the two set of textures by script changing a value used by the shader. Available on the workshop http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/viewitem?fileid=537016170 It can be used for many advanced effects like Wrinckles, cloth effects , characters appearance change during game , damage, dry to wet effect etc ... It blends two sets of maps : -diffuse -specular -normal -glow Thanks to macklebee for his help. Enjoy this cool effect
  22. Old material and texture not exist no more i deleted them. I deleted the 3D model also from assets. I just re imported the 3D model FBX, no way it still display old material Assets folder : only exist new mat and textures Running the game : suprise it displays the old I expect same at run time than same i see in editor. Anyway, LE3 perhaps just go weird on my laptop. And it is for the contest, no some pro work , so this is not super important , still super annoying to have a total different result at run time from the editor , i just expect WYSIWYG
  23. For many uses like defining animations import or properties or anything. And ability to read .txt files to check animations for example.
  24. There is a BIG BUG about cache materials and LE3 I deleted the old material and textures from the project BUT : - LE3 still try to find the old textures and materials no more existing and used by the 3d model - Running the game it keeps displaying old texture and material WHERE LE3 CACHES THE MATERIALS AND TEXTURES ??? Is there some option to clean a project hidden cache ?
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