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  1. Hi. My name is Travis, I have been drawing up a "module" as to teaching 3D design of game environments in one2one skype training. I have a gumtree add, too http://www.gumtree.c...ames/1073094247 Look at that for some more details. Heres a portfolio travismuller3d.weebly.com Get in touch with me by email travis_gm@live.co.uk or skype phrygian10 If you are interested in learning how to create 3D models for game engines. The first hour is free, because we will want to make sure you're all set up and ready on your end. After that, depending on what you want to achive we wi
  2. Hi folks. I tried getting into "beta testing forum titled Beta 4 Terrain Painting " but it wouldnt allow me. Anyway im glad its been acknowledged. Cheers
  3. As you can see, thats not going to appropriate. Its meant to be a road btw. I might have been able to work with it if i could have the road material drawn at min.height 0.5 .. But it always rounds up to a whole integer. ..Anyway as i said the height map should not be what decides where materials are drawn.
  4. I cant say im having much joy playing around with the settings you mentioned. All im able to do is swap which material had previously been drawn with another layer. Either way, still not able to draw more than 2 materials on the same Terrain. Why 2, anyway.? If its going through vertex colours it should limit me to 3. Edit: Ok, ive got 3 materials drawn on screen. But i had to increase the height of the terrain to assign that material to a specific min/max height. what materials I assign to the terrain should not be dictated by the heightmap. That might be convinient for a
  5. Hi. Fairly certain that what im experiencing is a bug.. I am using Leadwerks 3.1 Steam edition to create a terrain. Under the terrain tab on the right side of the screen, there is a area where you can assign 16 seperate layers. I can not get more than 2 to actually project onto the terrain at the same time. Ive tried organising the layers in different configuration, but no matter what its like there might as well be only 2 layers. To try to reproduce the bug, i suppose you could simply attempt to draw 3 seperate materials on a 256x terrain. Grass, dirt and rock.
  6. Hi. I just discovered Leadwerks, I think its quite a nice tool, I'll most likely buy it on payday and see if I can create something of reasonable ambition. Anyway, If people would like some 3D environment assets, contact me at travis_gm@live.co.uk What i meant by Free + Paid is, I would charge for work if it was time demanding, but if you would just like me to rapidly dish out placeholders or just something simple, It'd not be a problem, Consider it my contribution to the ledwerks community. Oh, heres my portfolio travismuller3d.weebly.com Heres what im doing in UDK atm
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