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  1. sometime chrome cache get broken and you have to clear it down and enter the details again
  2. dual monitor is fine but dual card that a different problem so may software dont work with that as it need need to copy the information to both card memory to support hardware acceleration. so getting out of sync, crossfire in amd card have all monitor on the same card and the other offload instruction to speed up the graphic scene josh may give a better answer,
  3. there is a map you have to go to it in the editor the map is called 'The Zone.map' in the maps section can not rmember but i said make first project and everything in it then you look for the map to load everything is there and it a great map and be a great first game for people to test with
  4. carlb


    hay dont worry about the lag right now as am sure it may be just your machine as i think you have a very old cpu , as i bet on other people machine it run great. plus you will improve your code that will make it run faster later on
  5. carlb


    you doing well there, well done
  6. but how would new people find the link if you dont have on the page or in the drop down you need to make it easy for them
  7. you know 8gb of ram is not good you most likely need 16gb and you on a 64bit os so you do need more memory as you not have much memory left for leadweak as i bet it doing a lot for memory swapping on the disk drive so could be the problem
  8. marcousik ok win 8.1, win10 are EOL you only get security updates so you lucky driver are still support but watch out they will get drop
  9. can you still get windows 8 driver??? thought that went EOL as they wanted people on windows 10
  10. carlb

    The flat earth

    does it sit on the back of 4 elephants???
  11. looking good will test later
  12. turbo is the new engine that josh is making and it using vulkan not opengl for rendering so it a lot faster and better support for more platforms later on
  13. Linux support has stop for now but it still work on ubuntu 16.04 am sure josh will start support Linux again later but i have to say it hard to support all version out there. i think it looks small scale of games as most of them are by India programmers but some of the stuff josh did with nasa is large scale, but you need a team of people not one person to do that type of stuff. fallout was a team of 25 to 100 people to make the game. not something one person can do forgot to say check out the zone that not bad map show what the engine can do and it a good size as well
  14. carlb

    Shoot Simulator

    well done ,looking good and i hope you was not to scare on that day lol
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