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  1. Firstly thank you to admin for allowing Arteria to post over the many years Today we release a new pack - Desert Rock & Foliage pack at an intro price of just $10.99 Beautiful &Highly detailed Desert Rock & Foliage Pack, The Pack features a collection of Rock & Foliage assets The pack can be used royalty-free within your project, with no further payments needed. Pack contains in FBX format 10 Rocks with varying level of detail provided. 8 Foliage Items 5 Terrain Textures To purchase visit the store page below
  2. I dont think you can beat actually having geometry for the beamwork, but as you can imagine, medieval houses feature lots of these!. What i do, if the actual half timbre design isnt too complicated is to use geometry for these wooden features, but also if they follow the same design as the texture underneath, then have them as a separate group for LOD purposes - you can have them show when close, but hide them from a distance. For buildings that feature intricate half timbre design, i use a combination of geom and just texture feature. Good luck with your design. I did actually make
  3. Thankyou for listening, great news..
  4. Micheal, your right to a degree, with customers returning to a vendor they know. However its like large companies who's brand we all know, but they still tell us about it!.. or some new variant on it - Customers old and new always need to be informed of new products to 'pop' the company or product back in mind as it where. Ive been running arteria now for 7 years, and see how the trend of sales work. If im busy working on a pack, like for example my large time scale medieval base character packs, my sales drop rapidly, as im not advertising or working on smaller packs to keep offering to
  5. Great, the support shown here. I dont think companies and game engine realise how important art providers are. It was mentioned here, that a google search would suffice, but this is not true - if you type in 3dart, small companies like mine, probably wouldnt even show due to the other big boys who dominate, so we get lost. Steve
  6. I hope they are not going to stop ads. I understand that leadwerks is a business in its own right, but many users cannot make their projects a reality without art and music assets
  7. Thankyou for the comments - yep, the Troll was definatally made with a lot of character, and yes, i think he does look cute too! What other creature/monster styles would the community like to see Steve
  8. This devious, and mischievous Troll Character is provided with over 25 animations and would be perfect for adding further character additons to your RPG or MMO game. Customers who purchase this character today, will recieve the next Fantasy styled Monster release FREE Price: $25 ProductPage: http://www.arteria3d.com/Animated-Characters/Troll.html VideoPreview
  9. You dont have to send me emails - the character links i sent last time cover this release - Please look in the last email information Steve
  10. WHAT IS THE PACK? The Soldier Base Character pack provides you with a Character that has its meshes split into body groups. In your game engine you can easily hide or show specific groups to customise your character All the items shown in the image on the left are included in the pack - The head mesh is one mesh, that has 5 changeable textures. 1st Soldier Costume Release - What is it? Depicted in the promo pictures here is the first release for the soldier base character - An historical accurate interpretation of the WW2 German Field Military Police, complete with officer specifi
  11. Easter Special 50% discount off any pack. Runs until Easter Monday Use the code easter http;//www.arteria3d.com
  12. Members area is not open, please still use the links you have
  13. This exciting pack from Arteria3d provides you with an animated character with over 70 animations, from downtown idles, to officework, to firearm animations . Pack includes hundreds of clotihng variations, with mesh swapping and texture combinations Whether you want to make a city game, racing game, gangland style game, or more, its all here. Animation preview will show on the product page later today First 20 customers recieve this pack for $99, compared to full price of $165. product page: http://arteria3d.corecommerce.com/Modern-Base-Male.html
  14. Every game needs a Wolf!.. well, almost. This highly detailed animated PLains Wolf is the first in a series of Wolf Characters we will be releasing. Picture above shows the Wolf Pack outside of the Medieval Farm Village. Can the farmer keep them at bay? from attacking his livestock. First 20 customers can choose another animated character for free - after checkout you will be given a code for your free character Product Page: http://arteria3d.corecommerce.com/PLainsWolf.html
  15. Ian, can you kindly email me again Best Steve Also, i have had a little time off also, its been my birthday and a few other things Steve
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