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  1. Ah hah, that is great to know. I will call that for sure...hopefully when I port my app to Mac this will not be a problem. Thanks for taking the time to research this. -John
  2. ClearWebCache is returning true every time, FYI.
  3. The Ultra Engine folder only contains a user.dat file, there is no WebCache (checked hidden files also.)
  4. Ok, I called that function but still seems to download the old version of my data. I verified the URL in a web browser to make sure the contents should be different. Any ideas? Thanks, John
  5. Hi Josh, et al, My project pulls data as a file (using DownloadFile) from my remote server and saves it to the PATH_DOCUMENTS folder. I need to be able re-pull this file down again and see any changes to it reflected in my app. What appears to be happening is that the data is being cached, and the original values retained. Even if I delete the downloaded file using DeleteFile, it gets re-created verbatim. If I re-start the app, then it seems to pull down a fresh copy. I'm only 24 hours into the library, so I'm still getting up to speed, but I thought I read about a caching system som
  6. I actually just bought Ultra App Kit...digging the workflow so far...but I am having this exact problem. I had already verified the current working directory...and I even used the file selector example code to get the path for LoadPixmap. No joy. As in the case of the OP, the remote URL worked, but nothing local. EDIT: Nevermind, I had not loaded the FreeImage plugin. All good. Thanks, John
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