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  1. oh yes certainly something like that shouldn't be provided by a framework for the purpose UAK serves. I'm talking about a simple TextBox like the one in WPF or the TextEdit widget from QT a simple non rich textbox. I'm sure you have lots of stuff you're working on but I wanted to suggest it. If I come up with an elegant solution I'll be sure to post about it!
  2. To get used to the UAK workflow I decided to make a simple notepad like application. It was going to be notepad just with a side panel file system to group notes in a logical manner based on related note content. I went to implement this and realized there is no way to have a writable TextArea. I have to create a hidden TextField, set it to TEXTCHANGEACTIONEVENT, then do all this hacky round about ways to make the text area be populated in a way that makes sense. Is something like a writable TextArea being considered for a widget?
  3. Here is the image in question thank you so much Josh.
  4. I am going through the documentation and I may have ran into a bug or maybe have misunderstood the program. In the image viewer the colors are inverted, for example below the blue image is how it's supposed to be but when displayed in the "Create Image Viewer" program, it is red. When I "Save" the file it goes back to being blue like it should. I don't see anything in the code manipulating the color. Whats happening here?
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