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  1. Looks like I over complicated things, it appears I just needed to use the default.shader to achieve the proper reflection.
  2. I'm having problems trying to set up a material which is smooth and use the environmental probes. Like in this photo: Should I use: diffuse+normal+specular+env.shader or diffuse+normal+specular+parallax+roughness.shader It seems to want to use a random normal map if one isn't set. EDIT: After adding a flat normal map and spec, the shader is fixed(I guess you need defaults) but roughness still doesn't seem to make the environmental probe less clear.
  3. Thanks for the help, it does seem to be working for that person above. Yeah nothing fancy in the code just a basic test here. Maybe something going wrong with the fbx export from blender, but if that was the case I wouldn't think the object would be visible at all. window = Window:Create() context = Context:Create(window) world = World:Create() local camera = Camera:Create() camera:SetRotation(35,0,0) camera:Move(0,0,-7) local light = DirectionalLight:Create() light:SetRotation(35,35,0) --Create a model
  4. This is the structure, as simple as it gets.
  5. I thought that might be the case as well but getting child at index 0 returns nil so I guess it doesn't have children.
  6. I can't seem to get the surface of a mdl. Counting surfaces produces zero. Using an engine created model like Box does work just not loaded models. Anyone else have this issue? I assume it should be possible right?
  7. Ok, thank you! I didn't notice the "number rate" in AlignToVector can be used to interpolate. That will probably work and even simplify things.
  8. Hello! I'm porting some code written elsewhere into the engine and ran into some issues. Exposing some additional Quat functions in lua would be greatly appreciated. QuatFromEuler, QuatMultiply, QuatIdentity, Vec3RotateByQuat etc Maybe a Vec3Lerp as well. Perhaps these exist and aren't documented? Thanks!
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