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  1. Hello Josh, When you say a 2D engine but with 90% of it 3D, will it be just like leadwerks 4.6 game engine with editor to design worlds? or will there be no editor to work with upon release later this month? I am a bit confused. Also do you have a price point yet for release of ultra engine? Thank you for answering my question. Dominic900
  2. Hello Josh, A while back (in April 2021) in a blog post it was said that ultra engine was complete and that you are writing or making tutorials for the new engine. Have you set a release date yet for ultra engine 5? Also price point for purchasing a lifetime license? or will it be subscription only? Thank you for answering my questions. Dominic900
  3. Hello gamecreator, Tried restarting and deleting config file. Unfortunately that did not work. Does your version 4.6 latest update work? What I am tring to do is see if my version was a bad install. Is there a way to uninstall through steam app? Thank you for your help. Best, Dominic
  4. Hello leadwerks support, In version of leadwerks 4.6 latest update I cannot get the viewport for your 3d view to be able to walk or fly around my project? The wsad keys work in game but do not work in the 3d viewport. Tried clicking on viewport and still does not work. Using middle mouse button makes me zoom in but right mouse button does nothing in viewport. Worked in previous version of leadwerks 4.5. Just wanted to let you know and hope a fix can be soon as I would like to use your great engine. Thanks for your help with this matter. Dominic Ward
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