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  1. Does any of you have any idea why my opponents are always stuck in this level?
  2. This is what my navmesh looks like.
  3. I have a question about the creation of the navmesh. During production, the specified values are specified. With these values, I have also created the navmesh. If now in the level e.g. a crawler walks around, then the player tracking works very well on level ground. But when it comes to slopes, then the crawler often gets stuck and runs on the spot. Is it possible to create a navmesh with other values with which these problems can be solved? Which values do I have to enter then? Or is it the Monsterai Script?
  4. Thanks alot. I inserted your lines of code and everything works really well ..........
  5. Thank you for the info. I have now added this to the script. See Attachment. That works too. I can choose between the weapons and the grenade. If I throw the grenade, then it works too. However, the game then freezes. Sometimes it freezes after throwing a grenade, sometimes after two or three throws. This always happens when I want to run with the player afterwards. Do you have any idea?
  6. I have now downloaded and installed the explosion example from the steam workshop. If I want to pick up the bomb prefab as a player now I get the following error message. Do you have a chance to install the grenade in your HUD script?
  7. I have now downloaded and installed the explosion example from the steam workshop. If I want to pick up the bomb prefab as a player now I get the following error message. Can you help me?
  8. Now I have to ask again. I subscribed to the asset in the Steam workshop. How can I download this now? In the workshop I can not find the prefab.
  9. I have overlooked that. Thanks for the hint.
  10. Hello, I have a request. I would like to build a barrel that can explode into my game. But since I am an absolute beginner with the Learwerksenigine I can not do without help. I have already tried something with the particle emitter. However, I have no idea how to make an explosion with it. Maybe one of you has a demo-script with which I can try something? Is it possible to buy a finished script?
  11. I found the mistake. The model had only the animation phase attack1. I added attack2 now and now it works. I have set to true. The scorpion model has the animation phases, idle, run, attack1 and death. The first time yes, the attack animation is played. After that the model stands still. It depends on the player but it stops. I have a little video set. You can take a look at that.
  12. I am again with a problem that I can not solve. I downloaded the Scorpion model from the workshop. I assigned the monsterAI-script to the Scorpion model. In level, the scorpion responds to the player. If the player is touched by the sorpion, he stops and does not follow the player anymore. He reacts to shots and dies too. The crawlers do not have this problem. Is it on the model or overlook something there?
  13. Thank you for the info. I have not saved the crawlers as prefab. Now several crawlers work independently of each other.
  14. Hello, I have a problem again. If I pack a crawler model in my level with the monsterAI script then this works very well with the player recognition. The crawler discovers the player and chases him. If I add a crawler model, both crawlers will stop. The running animation they execute. But you do not hunt the player. When I get closer to the crawlers as a player, nothing happens. Only when I am close to the crawlers and then shoot you move towards the player. Can someone help me? What am I doing wrong?
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