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  1. not work this , i formated my pc 2 times and reinstall all drivers ,installed the steam again , and not run this , i reinstall cc++ and openall ,this not working ,some idea?
  2. I imagined a world, humans and nature is over, the planet has turned into a great void of pollution, but, artificial intelligence survives, and begins to turn junk into new life forms, and is born our protagonist, the first scrap man , without understanding his own nature, he begins a journey to understand himself and the reason for his existence. I'm crazy, huehueuheuhe, sorry my bad english.
  3. but i have some crashes ,it is bad ,because i lost the work many times
  4. I formatted my pc and now leadwerks is working now
  5. My prefab. Need test for colision and scale, so enjoy , is free ,heheheheh
  6. Five months ago I bought Leadwerk on Steam, I have the professional version, it worked once, then it never opened again, I uninstalled and installed many times, but it did not work, I searched the internet but I did not find the solution,i buy the product and I can not use it, it is difficult that.Before someone asks, it does not accuse any error, simply does not open the program, and that no other product my Steam presents this problem, My PC is an I5, 16 gb of memory, GTX 750 2gb video card, updated drivers and 5 months trying to solve this and nothing, can anyone tell me what it can be?See
  7. iI have error in debug , see the image , someone help please
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