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  1. Another way to fix it might be to recalculate the normals , that could be making it not show up also. By the way how did you get the animation to leadwerks? I exported a model to leadwerks from blender as FBX and after i imported it no animation showed up. it said that the animation didn't even exist. Help would be appreciated.
  2. I have been making a bunch of models in blender with Leadwerks that have animation, and I export them as .FBX and then use drag and drop to import then and it all works perfectly fine, no errors, i can open them up and look at them (after scaling them down) and it's fine, except the animation isn't included. I already made sure in the export options in blender that the "include animation" box was checked and the animation still does not show up. It says it has no animation at all. Help is appreciated very much and thank you.
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