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    I'm a perfectionist and I'm never good enough even when people tell me I'm a genius. I'll never know enough to sate my hunger for knowledge. I care about too much and it gets me in trouble.(I think it's better than not caring. We only know what we care about after all) I enjoy learning about anything and everything. I'm a jack of all trades aspiring to publish my first game. I'd like to start up a game studio some day. I pull my hair out every single day trying to learn how to code. I can read it, but I can't write it. Wish I knew someone who could give me a few helpful tips on coding. I don't think it would take much to understand it if I knew the most common script calls and how to build functions like a HUD and main menu. I'm lost but I'll keep building maps and searching for answers until I figure it out.
  1. Thankyou Aggror! That gives me an idea anyway. I appreciate it! The reason I don't want a collision trigger deciding my respawn is because I'm not worried about just falling. When the player falls, HP drops to 0. So using the on death trigger takes care of everything in one go I would think. It allows the player to respawn when a collision trigger isn't viable. For instance, An FPS game may have a collision trigger set for deep water or a deep chasm but what about when they are killed by an enemy npc? You'd be stuck laying there...I havn't been using any custom scripts. I havn't been able
  2. Just realized I put this in the wrong category. I should have posted it in programming.
  3. I was recently watching a tutorial on spawning and I'd like to revise the way I do it. In the video, he used a collision trigger which is unfortunately useless in my game. I'm trying to write my own script and trigger it via flow graph. The FPSPlayer.lua fortunately has a tab within the flowchart that says "On Dead". I'd like to use it to trigger my player spawner. This is my very first attempt at writing my own. Having an issue with signifying the player as the entity to be spawned.
  4. I've been overloading the object list with rocks to build caves. I found that the only way to fit into the small gaps is using a poly mesh on all the rocks I'm using. It's killing performance.
  5. Is it possible to cut away the landscape to create caves or do they have to built of models above water level? The landscape editor seems pretty limited...as in no chance of hollowing out the ground. Unfortunately, it also means no trees or grass above said cave. Has anyone figured out a way?
  6. I recently had a bad go around with a project in leadwerks. I nearly had an entire map finished and ready to play and then alluva sudden, the script editor decided it didn't want to work anymore, as in clicked on it and nothing happened no matter how many times I tried. I started a new project to see if it was something wrong with my project files. Same thing happened. After realizing it wasn't going to work, I deleted all of my local content and reinstalled Leadwerks. After getting another map going, I attempted to play what I have, for debugging and it says that the Animation Manager Lua is
  7. Thank-you very much! I knew it was probably something simple...
  8. Would like to begin by thanking Josh for all the support I've seen from him on other topics. I've been looking for a way to walk through the game world I've created but I can't seem to be able to find an FPS player prefab. I would think that something simple would be available in the original content. I've tried using a crawler but adding the FPS player script and setting the mass to 10, physics mode to character controller and collision type to character isn't working. The controls bring up nill errors implying that I'm missing controller commands in my script. However I cant imagine that bei
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