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  1. My team is my parents and me. No I'm not a kid I'm 17. I'll talk with to them to see if we can do a mmo. That's the ultimate goal. I have a few more questions. How can you import models? Does the demo not let you import models? What export format models can we use? dae, fbx, 3ds? How could we go about network support? Does LE have network support pre-built at all? Thanks in advance, Trainguy.
  2. The Chrome engine looks like it's a lot better than LE, but how would I be able to get it if I decide to get it? There is no where to buy it. Could anyone lead me in the right direction? BTW, leadwerks isn't out of the question either.
  3. I'm trying to find the right engine for an MMOFPS game called Alpha 5. I'm wondering if the Leadwerks Engine would work for an MMOFPS game. I'm the Leader of a FPS gaming clan. Me and my team of 3 want to work on a Combat Arms style MMO, but with vehicles like the Battlefield series has. We've tried UDK without much success, Too hard for my team. Would Leadwerks be any easier? Thanks in advance, Trainguy, Leader of the Suicide Possum Clan.
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