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  1. It seems since i last rebooted the issue has gone. i can now move freely in the viewport. i suspect it may have something to do with the EDTracker controller i had connected b4, but its not connected now. if not that then just rebooting in general cleared up the issue.
  2. as i mentioned in my last topic: previous topic was unrelated to this problem and was solved, so i'm re-elaborating new the issue here. perspective viewport is stuck facing one direction with only pan and zoom working. cannot rotate, or move using wasd or any keys. using windows 7 and leadwerks steam indie version.
  3. just a bit :x EDIT: i should probably make this another topic since the main topic here is solved..
  4. decided not to sleep just yet, but found another issue, cant seem to navigate the perspective viewport, im only able to pan and zoom, movement (wasd) or mouselook are not working at all, i right click-drag and nothing :/
  5. gah thats gonna be more of a headache than it needs to be :/ will look into that tomrorrow. to late to mess with drivers now XD thanks for the info, had a feeling it may have been the driver issue since i had to mess with another program to get it to show materials properly after the last update i had. EDIT: I had the previos installer so i rolled back catalyst and the driver to be safe and it works now, wil play with it wen i wake up and see if its all working as it should be. thanks again
  6. I just baught the steam indie version of Leadwerks and havent been able to use it yet, because its crashing on startup but leaving its process running. I kill the process try again and same thing. its a clean fresh install since i never had any other installs of leadwerks before. also the Log file is empty. Error says: Runtime error R6025 - pure virtual function call says its an AppHangB1 anyone know what may be causing this? pc specs: AMD phenom II x4 955 3.21 ghz 8gb ram radeon HD 6870
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