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  1. i am busy upload complete project in message send to you
  2. no they are not mine its buyed asset is there other contact or private message
  3. do you mean in the shadow slot shadow+animation.shader that i allready have there but then animation stops playing
  4. when i import a new weapon and add a diffuse.shader and textures in the material editor and save this all the animations stop playing of the weapon or they play stupid in the model editor and ingame when i remove the material in model editor of my weapon and add a fake empty material the animation are playing again in the model editor and ingame and when i change rotation to of the weapon 90 degrees is ok but when i use -9.0 on the y axis the weapon disappeare but when its -8.0 first the weapon is not there ingame but when i use left mouse to fire, the weapon appeare on screen inga
  5. is there no sample level or a multiplayer menu,or tutorial how to use it
  6. still no 4.6 version must steam approve it or test it
  7. (You could also try releasing after hiding ) Its working thanks you people for helping Script.health = 15.0 --float "Health" Script.useOnce = true --bool "Use once" Script.ReleaseTimer=0 Script.ReleaseDelay=5000--float "Corpse Time" function Script:Start() if self.health < 0 then error("Health can't be a negative value.") end end function Script:UpdatePhysics() if self.ReleaseTimer ~= 0 and self.ReleaseTimer < Time:GetCurrent() then self.entity:Release() end end function Script:Use(player) if player.script.he
  8. self.entity:Hide() is working beautiful i am happy with that Thanks.
  9. when i use self.entity:Release() the exe crashes when playing and use the health when i keep the player in idle anim its not crashing but when i move or rotate player with weapon the exe crashes, can someone say how to use it i use it in Health pickup when enemy dead it pops out of the enemy a health box, tutorial was on youtube i am new to lua i am a beginner here is the healthpickup script Script.health = 15.0 --float "Health" Script.useOnce = true --bool "Use once" function Script:Start() if self.health < 0 then error("Health can't be a negative valu
  10. thus anyone have a soldierai.lua that can patrolling, can you please share
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