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  1. That is good and I have been using this, but I was just referring to Lua wikis in general. A prompt tool in the editor would be a great addition. Like I said I have a decent understanding of the syntax but knowing what commands to use where to do what I am wanting would be welcomed. Back to researching
  2. Hello, Ive been working off and on on learning the in and out of Leadwerks but I am running into a problem when it comes to scripting in lua. You see while I understand the basic syntax of the language I am having trouble using the built in editor due to the fact that I am having trouble with the technical command terms. I have a hard time with spelling some of these terms like transform and others I simply cant remember if they even exist without combing through the wiki. So does the built in editor have a option to bring up a list of suggested commands like if one types in a "t" it will
  3. Sorry so late in getting back, took a bout of sickness for a few days and not able to sit at my desk top. Its strange but launching steam in admin mode seemed to work. Ive created a new project and saved the map. Now I can actually go about learning this engine. Thank you.
  4. No, that did not work. I still believe it is a pathing issue as it will not allow me to run as admin form the application .exe file. Saying to install and turn on steam so I am rather sure that the problem lies in there.
  5. I have AVG Free running at this time, should I look at permissions or try reinstall with it off? ------ Just scanned the LeadWearks folder and got a number of "excluded file, not scanned" hits They are the Models, Tools, and vcredist files. I do not believe that it is doing anything to them though
  6. Opening the folder on my drive I have tried to run as administrator and found that it will not start saying that I need to have Steam running. I do of course have steam running but now I see there is a disconnect between my install path and the steam client and the Leadwerks software. I had it installed in a folder in my library called common that is my install directory for all my steam programs. I had done this to make it easier to access as the current path is rather deep in my directory. I will try going into my original path and launch it from there to see if the problem is r
  7. I have again reinstalled the engine and still can not save any file and now when I try to run debug I get the message that it can not overwrite the file (the temp file that auto generates) in order to open the map in the play window. And most times the whole thing just crashes to desktop.
  8. Lv1 Devloper.......Because there is no Lv0 #optimism

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    2. gamecreator


      If it's a hobby then don't worry about it. Kind of like a smoker who wants to quit, you'll do it when you really want to. Just listen to others' wisdom: start small, plan it out and stick with it.

    3. randomkeyhits


      @BES I could probably spend forever on polishing and refining if I allowed my self to. Instead I keep a rough though reasonable plan and set milestones. If an activity does not help complete the current milestone then its banked. Its the only way I can really maintain discipline with myself.

    4. Josh


      That's a good approach. Deciding what not to do is the most important thing.

  9. Howdy, Yesterday I purchased Leadwerks form steam and this afternoon I was able to drive it for the first time. I want to say that I like the practicality of the editor though I am having trouble with finding what dose what and to see about using advanced features. That I know will come with time and experience. However the first thing I would do is create a new project I can play with, break and reassemble. I am able to make the new project fine but when I go to save the new map I will get a error message that says "Unable to overwright file filepath/Leadwerks/Project File/Tes
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