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    At the moment getting confused with LUA.
  1. Thank you for your reply. was hoping for a workaround, but looks like I'll have to learn more about tables, and write my first one
  2. The above codes work well, the only issue I've found is trying to "pick up ammo" when you don't have the gun first. Would but no problem for a linear map, but I'm trying to make a small roaming map. I think the problem I'm facing is trying to add the 'ammo amount' to the 'weapons table index' when the index is nil I'm very new to this, I can follow the steps how weapon index adds a weapon, would it be easier to have a second index just for ammo? or can you can ammo and not the weapon? by changing the vwep scripts? I'm using the default from LW4.6 and the above
  3. cheers for the great feed back so I thought I'll show what I've done so far. I did watch a lot of youtube on blender, as it's all new to me it was going over my head a bit, going to try out other programs to see what they are like going to add more polygons then add a subsurf mod (plus sort out the feet a bit) i didn't want to make things hard for myself so the hand has got three fingers and a thumb
  4. cheers for the quick replies, i'll try out blender, free sounds pretty good and keep the other in mind
  5. hello, I'm a n00b when it come to making 3D models/models animations and textureing. So i'm looking for an easy to use program hoping all-in-one any suggestions are welcome. many thanks
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