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Ibl Texture Generator for UltraEngine

Ibl Texture Generator for UltraEngine


As a small feature of my upcoming atmospheric scattering integration, i am working on a realtime ibl sampler based on the Khronos Ibl Sampler. 

After some early experiments, i was able to come up with a small tool which currently takes an input cubemap and generates the proper textures via compute pipelines.  

I showed some early progress here 

 as i found some small issues.

Planned features are similar to the Khronos one, convert panorama images to cubemaps, etc. also i will add some cli, but this is something i need to figure out if this is possible. 

I will also possibly provide a lib with it which can be used to perform realtime updates (at lower resolutions of course).

the nicest thing in the tool is the usage of host synchrinsation, which means, that i can download purely gpu generated data back to the CPU. 

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I would love to be able to use this as a command-line tool and just give it a folder to convert all the HDRIs it finds.

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The approach of streamlining the import of existing assets, rather than creating a big repository of ready to use content, is definitely much more powerful.

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