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extending Leadwerk.Net Part 2





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  1. 1. Which Leadwerks Wrapper do you use?

    • LE.Net
    • Leadwerks.Net / Leadwerks.Sharpp



this is just a short blog to keep you informed. I have promised to upload a first version last weekend, but unfortunatly I wasn't able to do so.

I'm currently working on a solution to provide the extended functionality to both .Net Wrappers (LE.Net and Leadwerks.Net) which is more difficult than i thought.


I have already extended the engine.dll with some new functions which already work in both .Net Wrappers and i will hopefully be ready with a small package next week. So no worry about it, I'm still working on it. As a small cookie i have this:




Nothing special you think, well maybe you're right, but the shown scene is not loaded via LoadScene not the vegetation is done via the Editor.

The whole vegetation is done via code (new engine.dll functions, unoffically)


At least I have a small poll to set my priority to the correct Wrapper (both will have the same functionality at the end, but i have to start with one)


thx for reading.



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Can you attach download link for new wrapper version, if possible?

Yesterday i decided to look through C# wrappers and i was lost in le.net and leadwerks.net

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What would the licensing be like if one would decide to use the Awesomium wrapper for a commercial product?

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