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  1. Ah, here you are Glad to see lots of familiar faces (nicknames ).
  2. Haha, found a screenshot of the Leadwerks page with our project (Fentinor) in the header: PS: also, super happy to see old good ICQ smileys, instead of modern stupid "emojis".
  3. Hey, man, sup? :)

    1. shadmar


      You are in the upside down :)

    2. VeTaL


      Its not bug, its a feature ;)

  4. Hey, guys! It was like 5 or 6 years since i had last visited this forum. I'm super happy to see it healthy and growing I've also picked Leadwerks 4.4 on Steam (the last version i had was 3.something? Or probably 4.0 beta). I also noted that Leadwers got a marketplace - that's amazing! Currently i have a small startup, we're focusing on producing sounds - can that be interesting for our community? https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/search/page=1/sortby=relevance/query=skaia PS: also, i try to update my email in the profile, but i'm getting error with Error code: EX0.
  5. VeTaL

    BBox tracing

    Well, nica idea, Rick.. but actually, unit selection is not needed for gameplay, as i'm counting on indirect control. I planned to show some historical pages from wiki, while clicking on bots. Looking like i need either to play with scale (make peoples almost the same size as building, like in Majesty) and make large bounding boxes/spheres, or drop this idea with clicking red is the size of the unit, blue is the size of the door
  6. VeTaL

    BBox tracing

    Well, actually i found that clicking exactly on entities from far distances is not too useable (like here). Its hard to click exactly on the tree or on solider (what is even harder, because bots are smaller and they are moving). So, i got an idea of creation kinda invisible sphere around each entity, so it would be easier for user to select something. But at first, i'm wondering if there already exists working solution
  7. VeTaL

    BBox tracing

    Just a fast question. Is there a simple way to make bounding box tracing? I know, i can create spheres/bodies, parent them to entities and set trace filter to catch them... but maybe it exists something like AdvancedTrace, which has a parameter for bounding box tracing?
  8. Thanks That is what i was looking for
  9. VeTaL


    You have a chance to get some additional experience Its "Desktop Dungeons"-style game, one game session is about 5-7 minutes (sometimes 15, but not too often )
  10. VeTaL


    Guys, this game is just awesome... for me, it even has some philosophical means: - war is profitable for somebody - the larger power you wants to control (keep in ballance) - the harder it is http://small-games.info/?go=game&c=13&i=9161 Link: http://uploaded.to/file/480ec8dj
  11. Well.. i didnt test exactly that software yet, but i had some experience with Quest 3d. I think, its horrbile - to represent code as some visual components. It is kinda simple and funny from the very begining, but as project grows - it transfers nto nightmare. Thats only mine opinion and only about "visual programming" I'll check TiViPE
  12. Agree: i guess, all logic should be in one script and you should just check GetModelLODEntity() and run different commands depending on LOD level.
  13. Well, i totally agree with this. But on the other hand, i dont think that large companies (with, lets say, 100 programmers) works on a single project. If i'd have 100 programmers - i'd just split them into a small groups (5 to 8 programmers each... 15 - maximum, depends on complexity of project) to work on different projects. And, well, i think, things are done in similar way nowadays.
  14. Version 0.45 Added "thoughts" All buttons on form works now Improved AI: now bots should never be in water or far from building. Sharing experience: In previous version, in case of interruption, bot turned at related random angle. Sometimes some sh*t happened and rotation function called twice or more times. So, but turns left, then once more time left, then - right. In worst case, he continued running from building. Now i understood, that i need to give bot not related, but absolute angle. Now it is working in such way: before: TurnAtAngle(Rnd(80, 110) * randomInt) now: T
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