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Ultra Engine 0.9.3 Released




Ultra Engine 0.9.3 is here, with usability improvements, bug fixes, and new AI-powered features to make game development easier. You can get a discount now in our store or on Steam all week.

"Futuristic Room" by Dennis Cliofis

Object creation has been overhauled with a more visual approach that lets you easily select the object you want to add to the scene.



You can also insert a new object into the scene tree, under the selected node, or in the scene root.


A new component creation tool simplifies new component creation for C++ and Lua.


A new smoked glass effect will appear behind some windows. Besides looking great, this provides additional visual cues about the transparency of an image or model. It's disabled by default, so just go to the Tools > Options menu and you'll see an option to enable this effect.


AI-powered features are now available on the Steam build with support for text-to-image and seamless texture stitching.


Additionally, more than 60 bug reports have been resolved since initial launch.

New commands:

You can get a discount now in our store or on Steam all week.

About Ultra Engine

Ultra Engine was created to solve the problems we saw while working on virtual reality projects at NASA. We are developing game engine tools to provide order-of-magnitude faster performance for 3D and VR applications in entertainment, defense, and aerospace.

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I can't wait to have Intel GPU support working on my laptop. In any case, great work, it promises to achieve great things.

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