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Reflection Colors



An update is available for Leadwerks 5 beta on Steam that adds a World::SetSkyColor() command. This allows you to set a gradient for PBR reflections when no skybox is in use.

I learned with Leadwerks 4 that default settings are important. The vast majority of screenshots people show off are going to use whatever default rendering settings I program in. We need a good balance between quality and performance for the engine to use as defaults. Therefore, the engine will use SSAO and bloom effects by default, a gentle gradient will be applied to PBR reflections, and the metal / roughness values of new materials will each be 0.5. Here is the result when a simple box is created with a single directional light:


And here is what a more complex model looks like, without any lights in the scene:


You can use World::SetSkyColor() to change the intensity of the reflections:


Or you can change the colors to get an entirely different look:


A Lua example using this command is available in the "Scripts/Examples" folder.

These feature will help you to get better graphics out of the new engine with minimal effort.

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