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Leadwerks 5 Beta Update Available



An update is available for beta testers.

All Lua errors should now display the error message and open the script file and go to the correct line the error occurs on.

The voxel raytracing system is now accessible. To enable it, just call Camera:SetGIMode(true).

  • At this time, only a single voxel grid with dimensions of 32 meters, centered at the origin is in use.
  • The voxel grid will only be generated once, at the time the SetGIMode() method is called.
  • Only the models that have already been loaded will be included when the voxel grid is built.
  • Building takes several seconds in debug mode but less than one second in release.
  • Raytraced GI and reflections do not take into account material properties yet, so there is no need to adjust PBR material settings at this time.
  • Skyboxes and voxels are not currently combined. Only one or the other is shown.
  • Performance is much faster than Nvidia RTX but still has a lot of room for improvement. If it is too slow for you right now, use a smaller window resolution. It will get faster as I work on it more.

The raytracing stuff makes such a huge difference that I wanted to get a first draft out to the testers as quickly as possible. I am very curious to see what you are able to do with it.

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