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Load files from URL



I have been spending most of my time on something else this month in preparation for the release of the Leadwerks 5 SDK. However, I did add one small feature today that has very big implications for the way the engine works. You can load a file from a web URL:

local tex = LoadTexture("https://www.github.com/Leadwerks/Documentation/raw/master/Assets/brickwall01.dds")

Why is this a big deal? Well, it means you can post code snippets that can be copied and pasted without requiring download of any extra files. That means the documentation can include examples that use files that aren't required to be in the user's project directory:

The documentation doesn't have to have any awkward zip files you are instructed to download like here, because any files that are needed in any examples can simply be linked directly to by the URL. So basically the default blank template can really be blank and doesn't need to include any "sample" files at all. If you have something like a model that has separate material and texture files, it should be possible to just link to the model file's URL and the rest of the associated files will be grabbed automatically.

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