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Voxel GI: Light Bounces



I implemented light bounces and can now run the GI routine as many times as I want. When I use 25 rays per voxel and run the GI routine three times, here is the result. (The dark area in the middle of the floor is actually correct. That area should be lit by the sky color, but I have not yet implemented that, so it appears darker.)



It's sort of working but obviously these results aren't usable yet. Making matters more difficult is the fact that people love to show their best screenshots and love to hide the problems their code has, so it is hard to find something reliable to compare my results to.

I also found that the GI pass, unlike all previous passes, is very slow. Each pass takes about 30 seconds in release mode! I could try to optimize the C++ code but something tells me that even optimized C++ code would not be fast enough. So it seems the GI passes will probably need to be performed in a shader. I am going to experiment a bit with some ideas I have first to provide better quality GI results first though.


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I solved one major problem with light bleeding through surfaces and I am going to move the GI calculations over to the GPU now.

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