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About this blog

Welcome to my blog! Here, I share useful scripts and components for the Ultra Engine that I've created. I started this blog with the hope that these files will assist others in future projects. Feel free to use the source files in any free or commercial project. A shoutout in the credits would be appreciated but is not mandatory. Happy coding!

Entries in this blog

Inventory & Crafting and how it could work

Due to several inquiries about how I created my inventory, crafting, and storage systems, I would like to explain my approach in more detail. In this blog post, I won't use any code but rather focus on explaining the underlying logic. 1. The InventoryItem Class The foundation of these systems is an Item class, which I abstractly created to represent different types of items (materials, placeable objects, weapons, consumables, etc.). The reason for an abstract class is straightforward:


Andy90 in Guides

UI Window Manager

I had already created a similar window handler for Leadwerks in a previous project. As I'm currently importing my project into the new engine, I thought it was time to refine this functionality. But what exactly can the Window Handler do? As the name suggests, it manages multiple "UI Windows" so that only one is displayed at a time. This is particularly useful when working with different windows for the UI, such as one for inventory, another for a crafting menu, and yet another for dialog


Andy90 in C++ Classes

Mouse Movement Controller

This component generates a Mouse Movement Controller featuring a free-look mode. Typically, such character controllers find application in ARPG (Action Role-Playing Game) or RTS (Real-Time Strategy) games. In this setup, you observe the character from a top-down perspective and direct their movement to a specified position by clicking the left mouse button. The Component itself need the terrain name and the name for the walk animation. Also your character needs an idle animation. 


Andy90 in C++ Components

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