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About this blog

ERK Games presents the first open-world game powered by the Leadwerks Game Engine - "SALVATIONLAND". This is a story shooter with additional non-linear quests, stealth-action and survival elements, developed by members of former "Between the Realities" team. Our game will be released in Steam's Early Access on December 28, 2021.

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Entries in this blog

SALVATIONLAND Update (0.1.9) - January 9, 2022

After several days of development from the moment of release, we are ready to submit to you the first update of our game. Please support us, add to wishlist and share with your friends about SALVATIONLAND: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1807590/SALVATIONLAND/ Changelog: Added a hint for picking up a hammer (basement of an abandoned school), The mechanics of blocking due fights have been revised: now enemy hits are blocking more effectively, Fixed a critical bug with opening inv


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