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About this blog

In this blog I will show you the progress of advanced ocean rendering in Leadwerks Engine. The Blog will be split up into multiple parts where I explain the development progress and show some techniques how to achieve advanced rendering in Leadwerks. It will cover the requirements we need to get advanced wave rendering as well as which LOD technique it is using and why. 

I will explain which troubles i had and how i solved them. At the end i can hopefully publish a more advanced ocean system for Leadwerks 4 with real displaced waves and more.

Entries in this blog

A first Teaser

While I am preparing the different parts of the blog i will show you a small summary about the ocean rendering i am using: GPU-based FFT waves using Phillipsspectrum Foam rendering (shore and whitecaps) Refraction and Reflection (realtime, ssr compatible) Fast due to Projected grid concept Teaser images:


klepto2 in Teaser

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