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Need hack to specify graphics device

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I just read the pinned post about Intel/ATI graphics GPUs, we recently came across this in the wild when testing our game.


I want to know if there's some method with Leadwerks engine to enumerate and specify a graphics device before initialization? Some of us have multiple displays that want to run in true full-screen without having to use a borderless/full screen window which is a performance sink.

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There is some ATI extension for selecting a particular discrete GPU when multiple GPUs are in use. ATI switchable graphics do not provide any mechanism for the programmer to specify that the discrete GPU should be used. The user has to create a profile for the application.


Nvidia/Intel discrete graphics can be enabled just by importing this C file into your project:

//Hack to force NVidia discrete card when integrated graphics are present:
//http://developer.download.nvidia.com/devzone/devcenter/gamegraphics/files/OptimusRenderingPolicies.pdf -  Page 3
#include <windows.h>
_declspec(dllexport) DWORD NvOptimusEnablement = 0x00000001;


This is automatically done in Leadwerks 3.1.

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