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  1. Make sure that maximum 4 bones affect any vertex. There is the option somewhere in the Skin modifier. Something like maximum bones per vertex.



    In the Advanced rollout -> "Bone Affect Limit" set it to 4

  2. I'm making parenting, but without EntityParent command. Also I interested in position only. Rotation of parent doesn't change. So question is what command would be faster in such situation.

    SetEntityPosition(child, GetEntityPosition(parent));
    SetEntityMatrix(child, GetEntityMatrix(parent));

  3. Hi everyone!

    I'm making some library now with C++. And I want to make it as dll. Is it possible to use it in BlitzMax.? I was trying to google this question, but all links Iv found lead me to BlitzMax forum. And it

    doesn't work now.


    Lets say I have some class with methods:

    class myClass
    public void myClas(string var1, Tvec3 var2){}
    public void ~myClass(){}
    public void someMethod(TVec3 var1, TEntity entity);


    How should I wrap this class in bmax.


    Thanks in advance.

  4. The only way to make facial animation right now in LE is to make it with bones. So actually everything depends on how you do it (the number of bones, vertexes, animation length). It doesn't differs from usual animation and in general I think it won't make any impact on the performance. The main problem is to make such animation. Its very hard process. Also you will need some way to mange this animation in your game.

  5. Hi! Actually there is a topic 3d modeling. You should post any models related questions there. Anyway, if you use my exporter, then its really has some issue with mirroring. Its all about how 3ds max represents mirroring in matrices. Anyway to fix this just reset transforms of objects. For that go to Hierarchy panel, and press reset rotation and reset scale there. (or set reset transforms checkbox in the exporter settings)

  6. I'm not quiet sure, but on the old forum there was a guy Pushedx I think. I remember he was talking something about making work LE in parallel threads. Or I might be wrong. It was a long time ago. Here is some post I found, but not sure if its has any importance for you. Maybe there is more related posts, I dont know. (http://forum.leadwerks.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3635&hilit=thread)

    Btw Pushedx was a cool community member. He knew so many things and helped people a lot. I wonder where did he go? Why did he left our community?

  7. As I understand CAT is Character Animation Toolkit for 3ds max. My exporter for 3ds max and FBX exporter (as far as I know ) supports only skin modifier for skinned meshes. And it doesnt matter what kind of bones does skin modifier use (It can use even boxes or spheres as bones). If CAT uses Skin modifier then I think there is no any problem to use CAT. Each frame is exported (Like you have keyframes in all frames) So my answer would be Yes.

  8. Yes, while gathering info about winForms I stumbled on WPF.

    If I understood right inf future Microsoft is going to completely move on this technology.

    So I think its a right way to go now.


    Ill try it. But I'm still not familiar with .NET. So I decided to start from it :D found one interesting book about .NET and C# for C++ programmers. Reading it now.

  9. Hi guys! I need a little advice.

    I'm going to create a visual editor of dialog trees, that generates XML files.

    Here is an approximate sketch of what I want to have:

    post-36-031846200 1286987648_thumb.jpg


    I need to have the ability to add/delete, move, resize and link/unlink this nodes. (also collapse/expand would be great).

    So, how do you think, what should I use to create such GUI?

    Will WindowsForms (.NET) be enough to make such editor? Or should I use some GUI lib for that?

    C++ is preferable language. But if using of the other one will make things much easier Ill learn it.


    Its been a long time since Ive been made such programs. Last thing I was using was MFC :) . But I think now there are many modern ways of doing it.


    Thanks in advanced.

  10. Sorry for picking up old topic, but recently Ive decided to figure out with precompiled headers, but cant understand some things on practice.


    So in the case of our LE projects, what is the right way to configure it?

    I mean we have engine.cpp and a lot of leo.cpp files that can not have #include "your precompied header file.h" but they do use some standard headers like "windows.h" and as I understand its better to place them in precompiled headers. Also the engine.cpp and leo.cpp dont change rapidly so they should use precompiled headers too, shouldnt they?



    Thanks in advanced.

  11. What kind of problem did you have with exporting from max? LE tools for 3ds max that I made work fine almost for everyone here.

    There are a lot of very useful features in the exporter that you will not find in any other export pipeline.

    Also I'm always ready to help :lol:

    But Ive never seen your posts about your exporting problems. In almost 90 percents the problem is in a model and not in the exporter.

  12. I use such method of calculation current frame:


    if (frame1>=frameEnd)


    AnimSpeed is a speed of animation in frames per second. If it reaches the end of animation it loops to new frame from the beginning with corresponding offset.

  13. Actually, there are many tutorials and lessons about correct modeling, skinning, rigging and animating out there in the Internet.

    The rules are the same in almost all cases. And actually you might even don't know which engine you will use but you always have to be able to see if your model is correct. It comes more from the experience than from tutorials.


    Anyway, if you have the problem with particular model and cannot solve it, I can try to help and take a look at the model and say what is wrong. I'm always open for conversations, and always glad to help.

    Start from screen shots. Or you can send me your model and I will try to export it properly. And don't worry I wont use your model anywhere or send it to another person. But anyway screen shot may clarify what is wrong.


    PS There is also pdf file goes with the exporter. There is some info about exporting animated and skinned objects.

  14. Hi Gilmer! Its quiet strange issue you have. I think the problem is in skin modifier and it's settings. Check the option to use maximum 4 bones per vertex. It should be somewhere in the skin modifier. If you will have no luck, I can check your model if you like.


    PS. Hope I understood right and you used my exporter to export the model.

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