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SALVATIONLAND - Update 2.0. Director's Cut! Soundtrack on YouTube!




Since we are getting close to announcing our new project and will be very busy with its development, we wanted to take a step back and "elevate" the quality of our previous project.
The update ended up taking us two weeks of work instead of the planned one, but in it, we were able to implement so many exciting features and even bring back some previously unrealized content that we realized it wasn't just another update, but a re-release. Version 2.0.
We are proud to present to you the director's cut of SALVATIONLAND. It includes new cutscenes, significantly improved pacing in the first half of the game, numerous stability, detail, and optimization improvements.

- Added an alternative ending that is optional and unlocked by successfully completing additional quests
- Added new cutscenes
- Added new graphical effects (Depth of Field, Bloom)
- Additional optimization work: performance increase on levels ranged from 25% to 50%
- "Beginning" level: reworked initial scenes, added a new first-person cutscene, fixed errors, improved level detail
- "Old District" level: removed guard, now the clinic area is accessible and leads to the "Clinic" location. Some posters from Leonid's subquest have also been moved to this area.
- "School's basement" level: reduced size of one of the internal corridors
- "Shopping District" level: increased tree density
- "Shopping Center" level: reduced playable area size, decreased likelihood of crashes on low-end hardware
- Added sound of shell casings falling when shooting firearms
- Fixed an issue where dialogue text could overflow the window and be cut off at certain resolutions
- Headshot damage multiplier for firearms increased to x2
- Grenades now dismember enemies' limbs
- Improved quality of certain voiced lines, added voiceovers for some previously missing lines
- Increased sprint duration and speed
- Decreased rain volume
- Added engine muffling sound for motorcycles
- Added more collectible items on certain levels
- Various level tweaks and detail improvements

As before, you can buy the game in Steam using this link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1807590/SALVATIONLAND/




We are also excited to say that the game soundtrack is now available for listening on YouTube. Just like the original virtual disc from Steam, it's divided into two "sides" - in one video, you can listen to music from the game by various composers who contributed to game creation, and in the second one you can enjoy ambient tracks written by the creative director of ERK Games:


Thanks for attention! Enjoy the game and don't forget to leave your review. If you need a feedback, you can write here or in Steam Community: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1807590

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