Base class: Object



This class handle user interface elements. A variety of widget types are supported. You can also create custom widgets by extending this class.

Property Type Description
blocks vector<shared_ptr<WidgetBlock> > read-only container of widget blocks
items std::vector<WidgetItem> read-only items list
kids vector<shared_ptr<Widget> > read-only container of child widgets
size iVec2 read-only widget size
text WString read-only widget text
AddBlock Method adds a widget block
AddItem Method adds a widget item
AddNode Method adds a node to a treeview widget
ClearItems Method removes all widget items
ClientSize Method returns the client area
DoubleClick Method called when a mouse button is clicked twice in rapid succession
Draw Method called each time the widget is redrawn
GetItemText Method gets the widget item text
GetHidden Method returns the widget visibility
GetInterface Method gets the widget interface
GetParent Method returns the widget parent
GetPosition Method gets the button position
GetSelectedItem Method gets the selected widget item
GetSelectedNode Method gets the selected treeview node
GetSize Method gets the widget size
GetState Method gets the widget state
GetText Method gets the widget text
GetValue Method gets a slider's value
GainFocus Method called when the widget is selected
KeyChar Method called when a keyboard character is entered
KeyDown Method called when a keyboard key is pressed
KeyUp Method called when a keyboard key is released
LoseFocus Method called when the widget is deselected
MouseDown Method called when a mouse button is pressed
MouseEnter Method called when the mouse cursor enters the active window bounds
MouseLeave Method called when the mouse cursor leaves the active window bounds
MouseMove Method called whenever the mouse moves, with coordinates relative to the active window
MouseUp Method called when a mouse button is released
MouseWheel Method called when the mouse wheel turns
Paint Method redraws a widget
RemoveItem Method removes a widget item
SetColor Method sets the widget color
SetFontBold Method sets the widget font weight
SetFontScale Method sets the widget font scale
SetHidden Method hides or shows the widget
SetIcon Method applies an icon to the widget
SetInteractive Method applies an icon to the widget
SetItemState Method modifies the item state
SetItemText Method modifies the item text
SetLayout Method controls the way a widget behaves during resizing
SetParent Method makes this widget the child of the parent widget
SetPixmap Method applies a pixmap to the widget
SetProgress Method sets the progress complete for a progress bar widget
SetShape Method sets the widget position sna size
SetRange Method sets the range of a slider widget
SetState Method sets the button state
SetText Method sets the widget text
SetTexture Method applies a texture to a widget in a 3D interface
SetValue Method sets the value of a slider
SelectItem Method selects a widget item
SelectNode Method selects a treeview node
TripleClick Method called when a mouse button is clicked rapidly three times
CreateButton Function creates a button widget
CreateComboBox Function creates a combobox widget
CreateLabel Function creates a label widget
CreateListBox Function creates a listbox widget
CreateMenu Function creates a menu widget
CreatePanel Function creates a panel widget
CreateProgressBar Function creates a progress bar widget
CreateSlider Function creates a slider widget
CreateTextArea Function creates a text area widget
CreateTextField Function creates a text field widget
CreateTreeView Function creates a treeview widget
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