Base class: Asset



This class is used to control the appearance of rendered surfaces.

Property Type Description
color const Vec4& read-only material color
textures const vector<shared_ptr<Texture> >& read-only list of material textures
GetColor Method gets the material color
GetMetalness Method gets the material metalness
GetRoughness Method gets the material rougness
GetShaderFamily Method gets the material shader family
GetTexture Method gets a material texture
GetTransparent Method gets the material transparency mode
SetColor Method sets the material color
SetDisplacement Method controls the maximum vertex displacement
SetMetalness Method sets the material metalness
SetRoughness Method sets the material rougness
SetShaderFamily Method sets the material shader family
SetTessellation Method controls material tessellation
SetTexture Method sets a material texture
SetTransparent Method sets the material transparency mode
CreateMaterial Function creates a new material
LoadMaterial Function loads a material from a file
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