Base class: Object



This class creates a physical constraint between two entities. Joints can use limits and actuators (motors) to control their range of motion and movement.

Name Type Description
Property const shared_ptr<Entity>& Read-only child entity
parent const shared_ptr<Entity>& Read-only parent entity
GetLimits Method returns the minimum and maximum joint limits
GetOffset Method gets the current angle of a hinge or position of a slider joint
SetFriction Method sets joint friction
SetLimits Method sets joint limites
SetMaxForce Method sets the max force of a motorized or kinematic joint
SetMaxTorque Method sets the max torque of a motorized or kinematic joint
SetPose Method sets the target position and/or rotation of a hinge, slider, or kinematic joint
SetSpring Method adds spring behavior to a hinge or slider joint
CreateBallAndSocketJoint Function Creates a new ball and socket joint
CreateHingeJoint Function Creates a new hinge joint
CreateKinematicJoint Function Creates a new kinematic joint
CreatePlaneJoint Function Creates a new plane joint
CreateSliderJoint Function Creates a new slider joint
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