This class contains information for events emitted by the GUI and other systems.

Property Type Description
data int field for event data value
extra shared_ptr<Object> extra value associated witht the event
id EventId Event type
position iVec2 screen coordinate at which event occurred
size iVec2 size of the event source when the event occurred
source shared_ptr<Object> object that emitted the event
text WString string information like file paths
Event Constructor Event(const EventID id, shared_ptr<Object> source, const int data=0, iVec2 position = 0, iVec2 size = 0, shared_ptr<Object> extra = NULL, const WString& text = L"")
EmitEvent Function adds an event to the event queue
FlushEvents Function clears the event queue
PeekEvent Function returns true if any events are available in the event queue.
ListenEvent Function sets a callback function to execute when an event occurs
WaitEvent Function wait until an event occurs and return it

The following event IDs may be emitted by the program.

ID Description
EVENT_WINDOWCLOSE window is closed
EVENT_WINDOWPAINT window region is drawn
EVENT_WINDOWSIZE window is resized
EVENT_WINDOWACCEPT a file was dragged onto a window created with the WINDOW_ACCEPTFILES style
EVENT_MOUSEMOVE mouse cursor moves
EVENT_MOUSEUP mouse button released
EVENT_MOUSEDOWN mouse button pressed
EVENT_KEYUP key is released
EVENT_KEYDOWN key is pressed
EVENT_WINDOWMOVE window position changed
EVENT_MOUSEWHEEL mouse wheel turned
EVENT_KEYCHAR key is pressed. The ASCII character is stored in the data member
EVENT_TIMERTICK timer tick occurs
EVENT_DOUBLECLICK mouse button is double-clicked
EVENT_TRIPLECLICK mouse button is triple-clicked
EVENT_MOUSELEAVE mouse cursor leaves the window client area
EVENT_MOUSEENTER mouse cursor enters the window client area
EVENT_STARTRENDERER if data is 1 the graphics renderer has been initialized and the graphics device name is stored in the event text, otherwise it failed to initialize and an error message is stored in the Event text
EVENT_WIDGETDESELECT widget item is deselected
EVENT_WIDGETOPEN treeview node is expanded
EVENT_WIDGETCLOSE treeview node is collapsed
EVENT_WIDGETACTION widget action occurs
EVENT_WIDGETSELECT widget item is selected
EVENT_WIDGETMENU widget menu is activated
EVENT_WINDOWSELECT new window gains the focus
EVENT_WINDOWDESELECT window loses the focus
EVENT_KEYREPEAT key is held down for an amount of time
EVENT_WINDOWDRAGBEGIN window move or resize loop begins
EVENT_WINDOWDRAGEND window move or resize loop ends
EVENT_WIDGETGAINFOCUS widget loses the focus
EVENT_WIDGETLOSEFOCUS new widget is gains the focus
EVENT_WIDGETDROP drag-and-drop operation occurs
EVENT_WINDOWDPICHANGE the display of a window has changed its DPI scale
EVENT_ZOOM for high-precision trackpad and mouse scroll events
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