Base class: Object



This class serves as the foundation for all 3D objects in a world. It provides a common set of properties and methods that are shared by all 3D objects, including terrain, lights, 3D models, and other types of objects.

Property Type Description
extra Object user-defined object
kids vector<shared_ptr<Entity> > read-only array of child entities
matrix Mat4 read-only 4x4 matrix
name WString entity name
omega Vec3 read-only angular velocity
parent Entity entity parent
position Vec3 read-only position
properties table user-defined properties
quaternion Quat read-only rotation
rotation Vec3 read-only Euler rotation
scale Vec3 read-only scale
tags set<WString> read-only container of tags
velocity Vec3 read-only linear velocity
AddComponent Method adds an entity component
AddForce Method apply linear force to the entity
AddPointForce Method apply linear force at a specific point
AddTag Method adds a tag
AddTorque Method apply torque to the entity
AlignToVector Method aligns an axis to a vector
Attach Method attaches the entity to a bone or navigation agent
ClearTags Method removes all tags
Copy Method duplicates the entity
EmitSound Method plays a sound at the entity's position
FindChild Method searches for a child by name
GetAirborne Method returns the airborne state of a player
GetAngularVelocity Method returns the entity angular velocity
GetBounds Method returns an axis-aligned bounding box
GetCollider Method returns the physics collider
GetComponent Method gets an entity component
GetCollisionType Method returns the collision type
GetColor Method returns the entity color
GetCrouched Method returns the crouched state of a player
GetDistance Method calculates distance to another entity
GetHidden Method returns the entity hide state
GetMass Method returns the entity mass
GetMatrix Method returns the entity 4x4 matrix
GetParent Method returns the parent entity
GetPhysicsMode Method gets the entity physics behavior
GetPickMode Method returns the entity pick mode
GetPosition Method returns the entity position
GetRotation Method returns the entity Euler rotation
GetQuaternion Method returns the entity rotation
GetScale Method returns the entity scale
GetUuid Method returns the entity's unique identifier
GetVelocity Method returns the entity linear velocity
GetWorld Method returns the world the entity resides in
Instantiate Method creates an instanced copy of the entity
Listen Method uses the entity for sound spatialization
Move Method moves the entity
Point Method points one entity at another
RecordCollisions Method enables collision recording
RemoveTag Method removes a tag
SetAngularVelocity Method sets the entity angular velcoty
SetCollider Method sets the entity physics collider
SetCollisionType Method sets the entity collision type
SetColor Method sets the entity color
SetDamping Method sets the entity physics damping
SetElasticity Method sets the entity physics elasticity
SetFriction Method sets the entity physics friction
SetFog Method controls whether distance fog affects the entity
SetHidden Method hides or shows the entity
SetInput Method handles controls for player movement
SetMass Method sets the entity physical mass
SetMaterial Method applies a material to the entity
SetMatrix Method sets the entity 4x4 matrix
SetParent Method parents one entity to another
SetPhysicsMode Method sets the entity physics behavior
SetPosition Method sets the entity position in local or global space
SetRotation Method sets the entity rotation in local or global space
SetScale Method sets the entity scale
SetVelocity Method sets the entity linear velocity
Staticize Method permanently makes an entity static
Sync Method resets rendering interpolation
Translate Method translates the entity position in local or global space
Turn Method turns the entity in local or global space
UpdateBounds Method updates the entity bounding boxes
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