Base class: Entity



The camera class is an entity used to render the world.

Property Type Description
AddPostEffect Method Adds a post-processing effect to the post-processing effects stack.
ClearPostEffects Method Clears the post-processing effects stack.
GetFov Method returns the camera field-of-view
GetProjectionMode Method returns the camera projection mode
GetRange Method returns the camera near and far range
GetZoom Method returns the camera zoom value
Pick Method performs a raycast at the specified screen coordinates
Project Method projects a position from world to screen space
Render Method refreshes a camera view, for non-realtime cameras
SetBackfaceCulling Method overrides the backface culling mode of all objects
SetClearMode Method controls color and depth clearing
SetDepthPrepass Method sets the camera depth pre-pass mode
SetFov Method sets the camera field of view
SetOrder Method sets the camera draw order
SetProjectionMode Method sets the camera projection mode
SetRange Method sets the camera near and far range
SetRealtime Method sets realtime rendering mode
SetRefraction Method enables or disables transparency refraction
SetRenderTarget Method for render-to-texture
SetSweptCulling Method sets camera swept culling mode
SetTessellation Method sets camera tessellation density
SetZoom Method sets the camera zoom
UnProject Method unprojects a position from screen to world space
CreateCamera Function creates a new camera entity
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